Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Drum Circle?

A Drum Circle is a group of people (usually sitting in a circle) all playing together on various drums and percussion instruments. A facilitator leads the group in a variety of rhythm activities and helps everyone stay on the beat. This kind of recreational music-making experience has been proven to provide people with a wide range of physical, mental, emotional, and relational benefits.

What are these benefits?

The group drumming experience has the unique combination of being highly active and engaging, while at the same time, promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Recreational music-making in a supportive, social setting establishes group cohesion and cultivates respect among the participants. And besides that, it's a lot of FUN!!

Who participates in a drum circle?

Ross Lester's Everybody Drum Some has provided rhythm events for young children, for senior citizens, and for everybody in between. Church youth groups, business leadership teams, military veterans and even groups of families have all encountered these benefits in the group drumming experience.

What about people with no musical talent or ability?

Another great thing about group drumming is that people of all levels of skill and experience can make music together. Drumming lends itself to universal participation because each of us has a built-in rhythm in our heartbeat, our breathing and even in the way that we walk. Ross makes it easy for people who have never touched a drum to find the beat and start making a valuable contribution to the group's drum song. The emphasis is on individual expression and having fun making music as a group, not on correct technique or mistake-free playing. THIS is why it's called Everybody Drum Some!!!

What kind of space is needed for an Everybody Drum Some rhythm event?

While we provide all of the drums and instruments, we need you to provide adequate space and seating to make the event a success. A room that is big enough to accommodate chairs (with no arms) set in one large circle for up to 30 participants and concentric circles for groups of more than 30 will be required. Reasonable vehicle access to the location is helpful for loading our equipment in and out, and plenty of time for loading in and setting up are also important. Because the music we make can get quite loud, another consideration is having the event in a location where other people nearby will not be disturbed by the volume of our drumming.