Youth Groups

"Staying In Step With the Spirit" is an interactive, action-packed youth event for middle school and high school students. It features a hands-on group drumming experience and is designed to bring kids together to celebrate life in Christ by making a joyful noise on all manner of drums and percussion instruments.

As we drum together, our in-the-moment music becomes a living metaphor for the rhythm of the Christian life. Mixed into our day of drums, fun, and fellowship is a timely message for today's teens about learning to "stay in step with the Spirit."

Using everything from bongos to buckets, from tambourines to trash cans, Ross Lester leads youth groups in this innovative and enjoyable way to praise God. The great thing about group drumming is that no musical experience or ability is required. We specialize in facilitating a successful experience even for those who feel reluctant or shy about participating.

Want to create a sense of unity in your youth group?
Want to enjoy a healthy outlet for your energy and creativity?
Want to bang on a drum???
Bring Everybody Drum Some's "Staying In Step With the Spirit" Youth Event to your church today!!

Ross Lester is magnetic! When he talks, people listen. He has an awesome gift that makes rhythm, teamwork, and the Word of God come together in a beautiful collision of art. This is an amazing event that I highly recommend for parents to send their kids to. I can't wait for the adult version to go on tour. A truly wonderful, godly event!!

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